Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson
Hand crafted from the finest materials.

What you see here is made from solid Military specification 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium bar or seamless 3AL2.5V Grade 9 tubing. Unlike aluminum or steel, titanium will never rust or corrode - and it's completely hypoallergenic.

Because titanium has a tensile strength of over 120,000 psi, it is not easily machined. The alloys I work with are completely non-magnetic. Titanium is also one of the few known reactive metals, which means it can be colored using a simple DC anodizing process - just click on the "Ordering Information" link near the top of this page to see the available color options.

Looking at the menu on the right, you can see that I make a wide variety of items. Mine is a one-man shop and everything on this site is an original design that has been meticulously hand-crafted by me in my own shop.

Because each item is made only using the finest quality materials and is put together with the utmost care, you'll know that you'll have something that will perform well into the future.

Since my customers prefer to work directly with me, you won't find these items offered anywhere else.

Just click on the "email Tom" link included on each item description page to inquire about ordering any of the items currently offered.

*** Please note that I only ship to US destinations. ***

Email Tom

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