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A Special Edition Titanium Twister Pen in 2-Tone Blue with Timascus® inlays

"Ti-Pulls" (titanium zipper pulls)

Precision Screwdrivers
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Welcome to a place where everything is made from titanium.

Why titanium? Unlike some products that have "titanium" in the name (but don't contain much, if any titanium material), everything you see here is made from solid Mil-spec 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium bar or seamless 3AL2.5V Grade 9 tubing. Titanium is heavier than aluminum, lighter than steel, and stronger than both. And, unlike aluminum or steel, titanium won't rust or corrode. It is a reactive metal which means it can be colored using DC anodizing or simply applying heat. 

It is not an easy material to machine. Fortunately, I've learned a lot since I first started machining titanium back in 1996. Today, everything you'll find on this site is made from real titanium, designed by me, and hand-crafted by me in my own shop.

You can choose from everyday items (like my Twister Pens and Titanium Pillboxes) to fine giftware (like my Titanium Jewelry Boxes and drinking vessels) to defensive items (like my "LCT" Kubotans and "Nukubatons") to limited edition collectors' items (like my War Hammers and Battle Maces). It's all here - something for everyone at every price level. And, because it's made from titanium, you'll know you have something that will perform well and last a long, long time.

Take your time to peruse through this site where you'll discover items you won't find available anywhere else in the world!

Tom Anderson

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