Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson

"Nuke" Titanium Cane

Nicknamed the "Nuke", this design was the most detailed titanium cane I ever built. It featured a head made from solid 1 1/2” diameter 6AL4V titanium, a shaft with a wall thickness of .140", and a Nylatron® tip. 3 glow inserts were implanted in the head and ports were machined through the containment screws as well as on the side of the head. 

The shaft was made from 1” diameter 3AL2.5V (Grade 9) seamless titanium tubing. The entire length of the shaft was machined with multiple lands that had multiple bands of fine grooves.

The head, shaft and tip were press fit together and further secured with stainless steel Torx® screws. The custom machined stainless steel containment screws in the head were secured with Loctite®. 

From the top of the head to the end of the Nylatron® tip, this cane was approximately 37 3/16” long and weighed approximately 3 pounds. This cane was substantial and could easily be deployed in self-defense scenarios. The glow inserts in the head were an added bonus - making it easy to locate in the dark.

Because this design required extensive machining time and the materials were extremely difficult to obtain, it remains as one of my rarest items.

"Nuke" Cane Specifications:

Head: machined from solid ø1 1/2” 6AL4V titanium bar stock

Shaft: machined from ø1.00” O.D. x .140” wall seamless 3AL2.5V titanium tubing

Tip: machined from ø1.00” solid Nylatron® Bar

Head and tip secured via 2-56 stainless steel Torx® screws.

The three glow-in-the-dark inserts are secured in the head with specially machined 8-32 stainless steel button head screws.

Overall length: 37 3/16”

Weight: approximately 47 oz (under 3 pounds)

The "Nuke" titanium cane has been discontinued.

The "Nuke" Titanium Cane was the flagship of the line.
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