Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson

$510.00 each
2-tone, $535.00 each

This is the latest of my "Nukubaton" designs that was co-developed with one of my customers. It is primarily intended as an inside-the-waistband self-defense tool, but some customers like to attach their keys so they can find them in the dark. (There is a glow insert in the end with the holes.)

These are machined from solid ø9/16" 6AL4V titanium bar stock. There are 24 holes in the perimeter of the body for the glow insert to shine through. The front containment screw has a specially machined pattern, and my special "grenade" machining has been applied to the body (just like on my Twister pens). The length of the Nukubaton III is 5 1/2" and it features a heavy duty stainless steel split ring.

You can get the satin finished version shown or an all bead blast finish version for $510.00 shipped in the Continental US. (Add $25 for the 2-tone anodized and satin finish option as shown on the left.)

If you'd like to place an order for one, please email me so I can confirm all the details.

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