Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson


$675.00 each

The "Ti-Goblet" is a new entry in the line of drinking vessels I'm offering. Like the "Ti-Toaster", this piece brings a sense of elegance to any festivity. Each is individually made from solid ø3.75" 6AL4V titanium bar stock, is approximately 4 1/8" tall, and holds 10 fluid ounces of your favorite beverages.

The base is the same diameter as the top, making it less prone to tip over. And, the band of grooves on the Ti-Goblet's body (near the integrated stem) provide extra assurance that you won't spill whatever is inside. To help reduce weight (without sacrificing strength), the stem has been hollowed out. Since it's all made from a solid piece of titanium, it's virtually indestructible.

This would be a great gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or any celebration where the toasts will be truly special.

"Ti-Goblet" Specifications:

Machined from solid ø3.75" 6AL4V titanium 

Overall height: 4.13”

Capacity: 10 fluid ounces

Weight: 28.4 ounces


*Note: Since each of these is hand made, all dimensions shown are approximate.

These are priced at $675.00 each, which includes shipping in the Continental US.

Please email me to verify availability prior to ordering:

The "Ti-Goblet" holds 10 fluid ounces of liquid and is machined from a single bar of 6AL4V Titanium
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