Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson


$195.00 each

The "Ti-Toasters" bring a sense of elegance to any festivity. Each is individually made from solid ø1.50" 6AL4V titanium bar stock. Each is 2 1/2” in height and weighs under 5 ounces.

Even though these are virtually unbreakable, the band of grooves on the Ti-Toaster's body (near the integrated stem) provide extra assurance that you won't spill whatever is inside.

These would be a great gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, or any celebrations where the toasts will be truly special.

"Ti-Toaster" Specifications:

Machined from solid ø1.50" 6AL4V titanium 

Overall height: 2.50”

Capacity: 1 fluid ounce

Weight: 4.8 ounces


*Note: Since each of these is hand made, all dimensions shown are approximate.

These are priced at $195.00 each, which includes shipping in the Continental US. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.

Please email me to verify availability prior to ordering:

Each "Ti-Toaster" holds 1 fluid ounce of liquid and is machined from a solid bar of 6AL4V Titanium
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