Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson

"Vaccinator" Kubotans
$225.00 to $275.00
see below...

These are my special "Vaccinator" kubotans - the only item I make in both titanium and stainless steel versions. They are 3/4" in diameter and approximately 6 5/8" long. 

The titanium versions are machined from solid ø3/4" 6AL4V titanium bar and weigh only 7.3 ounces.

The stainless steel versions are machined from solid 300 series stainless steel bar, weighing an impressive 12.7 ounces. 

The design was co-developed with various LEO/military personnel and has proven to be effective in the field. The extended point assists in penetrating through a jacket or layered clothing. 

With the specially designed "Vaccinator" head, they are very effective when used in a push-and-twist maneuver. These can also be used like other kubotans, with the opposite end serving as a blunt trauma device.

There is a series of circumferential grooves between bands of fine diamond knurling that provide rapid indexing and a secure grip even in adverse conditions. 


The titanium version sells for $275.00 each shipped to US destinations.

The stainless steel version sells for $225.00 each shipped to US destinations. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.

I try to have a few in stock at all times. Please email me if you'd like to place an order.

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