Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson

Mini Keychain Vials

$130.00 each

The new Mini Keychain Vial is just the right size for those who only need to carry something small with them, like a few pills. The internal compartment is 1” deep by 7/16” diameter. The overall size of ø1/2” x 2” makes it very convenient to attach to your keychain.

A heavy-duty stainless steel split ring is included, but you could also wear this on a neck chain or simply slip it on your pocket or purse.

Both the cap and the body are machined from solid 6AL4V bar stock. The double O-Rings on the cap and the one-piece body create a hermetic seal, keeping whatever is inside safe from the elements.

Bands of thin grooves have been machined at each end of the body to provide extra grip when opening or closing. At only 1/2 ounce, you'll hardly notice you're carrying it.

Mini Titanium Keychain Vial Specifications:

Cap: Machined from a solid bar of ø.500” 6AL4V titanium, includes heavy duty stainless steel split ring 

Body: Machined from solid ø.500 O.D. 6AL4V titanium bar stock

Overall height: 2.00"

Outer diameter: ø.500”

Capacity: ø .438” I.D. x 1.000” depth

Seal: Two ASTM AS 568-010 Neoprene® O-Rings 

Weight: 0.5 ounces


*Note: Since each of these is hand made, all dimensions shown are approximate.

These are priced at $130.00 each, which includes shipping in the Continental US. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.

Please email me to place an order:

The cap of the Mini Titanium Keychain Vial is fitted with two O-Rings which provide a secure, hermetic seal.
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