Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson

$45.00 to $65.00
see below...

What are they? If you ever had to try and fumble for your zipper with gloves on, you’ll really appreciate these because they’ll make opening your jacket or gear bag so much easier!

They are made from solid ø3/8” 6AL4V titanium. Each one is about 1 5/8” long (not counting the split ring) and features a series of bands and grooves on the diameter. The head features my special machining pattern that has proven popular among lots of folks. Users have attached them to the zippers on their jackets and gear bags, and some have even worn them as pendants.

You have a choice of finishes ranging from satin polished, to all bead blast, to 2-tone anodized and satin polished. Each one comes with one of my heavy-duty stainless steel split rings already attached.

The all satin or all bead blast versions go for $45.00 shipped in the Continental US and I’m asking $65.00 shipped in the Continental US for the 2-tone anodized + satin finish version. (Please specify what color of anodization you want: gold, purple, blue, light blue, pale green, or pink.)

If you’d like to place an order, please email me so I can get all the necessary details. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.

Left to right: Satin finish Ti-Pull, Bead Blasted Ti-Pull, and 2-Tone finish Ti-Pull
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