Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson
Titanium Candy Dish

For those situations where “weight makes great”, the new Titanium Candy Dish is the obvious solution. Machined from solid ø4.50” 6AL4V titanium bar stock, standing 7 3/4” tall, and weighing in at over 7.5 pounds, this will certainly impress anyone who comes into your office or home! 

Everything about it is heavy duty… the base of the cup is ø4.50” of solid titanium, keeping the center of gravity low to prevent an accidental tip-over. The wall thickness of the cup is over .160”. Even the knob is machined from a solid bar of ø2.00” 6AL4V titanium with integrated threads that securely fasten it to the lid. 

There’s really not much else to say. If you’re the type of individual who realizes no piece of glass will ever do, this is the perfect choice.

(For those of you who are wondering, the starting material for one of these weighs over 19 pounds!)


Titanium Candy Dish Specifications:

Cup material: ø4.50” x 5.00” 6AL4V titanium

Cup inside dimensions: ø4.188” x 1.90” deep 

Lid material: ø4.50” x 2.00” 6AL4V titanium 

Lid inside dimensions: ø3 7/8” x 1.00” deep 

Knob material: ø2.00” x 1.50” 6AL4V titanium

Overall height: 7 3/4” 

Weight: 7.56 pounds


This sells for $1,675.00 - which does not including the applicable shipping and insurance costs 

Please email me if you'd like to place an order.

The Titanium Candy Dish is 7 3/4" tall

Inside the Cup

 Side view of the Cup

Side view of the Lid

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