Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson
Titanium Gavel Set
$875.00 as shown

As impressive as it is imposing, the Titanium Gavel Set is the ultimate expression of authority. Both the Gavel and Sound Block are machined from solid 6AL4V titanium bar stock and satin polished.  

The strike surfaces of the ø1.500" Gavel Head have a slight radius. The Gavel Head  is securely attached to the handle with a 5/16" fine pitch stainless steel socket head screw. The 8.75" long Handle is machined from solid ø1" 6AL4V titanium bar. The grip area features 12 longitudinal grooves with a 4.50" long series of fine circumferential grooves for superior control.

The Sound Block is machined from solid ø4.50" 6AL4V titanium and features a radius at the top edge and a band of wide grooves on the outer diameter. Four Neoprene rubber pads protect the surface below.



Gavel Head: Machined from solid ø1.500" 6AL4V titanium bar, 3 7/8" long

Gavel Handle: Machined from solid ø1.000" 6AL4V titanium bar, 8 3/4" long

Attachment method: Stainless Steel 5/16-24 tpi socket head cap screw.

Overall length: 10 1/4"

Weight: 28.3 oz.

Sound Block: Machined from solid ø4.50" 6AL4V titanium bar

Height: 13/16"

Weight 35.2 oz

Comes furnished with 4 rubber pads on the bottom


The set sells for $875.00 - which does not including the applicable shipping and insurance costs 

Please email me if you'd like to place an order.

Titanium Gavel and Sound Block Set

Top of the Sound Block

 Bottom of the Sound Block

Close-up of the Gavel Head

Close-up of the grip detail

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