Artistry in Titanium
Tom Anderson
These bushings fit Parker PDF® guitars with the standard Parker tremolo.

After turning this sample blank, it was crushed in a vise to ensure it would not crack.
Tremolo Bushings
$18.50 each

These new tremolo arm bushings replace the brittle plastic factory version on all Parker PDF® guitars equipped with a Parker tremolo.

To test the material, a drilled and turned blank was crushed in a bench vise to verify the material would not crack.

These are machined one at a time from solid 6/6 black Nylon bar stock, with a domed end and taper to make it easy to insert your factory tremolo arm.

Simply install the bushing and adjust the tension via the setscrew at the rear of the tremolo unit to secure the bushing in place and set the tension of your tremolo arm.

The price reflects the effort need to produce these, since each bushing is machined and finished one at a time on a manual lathe.

These sell for $18.50 (each part), which includes shipping in the continental US.

Sorry – because of the extensive Customs paperwork required, no foreign orders can be accepted.

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