IBA Twister Pen

$750.00 as shown, 2-Tone version is $800.00

The "IBA" Twister pen is a new spin on my Titanium Twister Pen design.  It combines features of my regular Twister and the Bolt Action Twister – except the bolt is internal, hence the name “IBA” (Internal Bolt Action) Twister Pen. 

There is a screw that goes through the back of the cap and threads into the internal bolt. The screw rides in an L-shaped groove. To write, simply push down on the cap and twist it ¼ turn clockwise. 

To close, simply rotate the cap ¼ turn counter-clockwise. The internal spring automatically retracts the tip of the ink cartridge.

To replace ink cartridges, simply remove the screw from the cap (using the T6 Torx® driver provided), slide the old cartridge out, install a new one, align the hole in the cap with the L-shaped slot, and replace the screw. If the action is stiff, just loosen the screw a little bit.

An internal O-Ring system keeps dirt from entering into the mechanism.

The IBA Twister Pen uses a Parker® Gel® refill, but you can use any standard Parker® ink cartridge. (The Parker® cartridge design hasn’t changed since 1959.) 

Closed, the overall length of this pen is 5 9/16”. Open, it’s 5 7/16”. Both the cap and the barrel are machined from solid 6AL4V bar. Like my other Twister designs, the cap is ø9/16”, and the barrel is ø1/2”. It features the same .045” thick x 3” long pocket clip – also made from 6AL4V titanium. The IBA Twister weighs 2.5 ounces.

The cap has a series of descending diameter dots and the barrel has a series of ascending size dots. The top of the cap has been counter-bored and features a series of surrounding crenellations.

The barrel also features a series of 8 tapered scallops in the angled tip. The pocket clip has the traditional 3 blind slots machined into it. All this machining not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, it also ensures a good grip. 

Like my original Twister Pen, the IBA design is well balanced and comfortable for use all day long.

It comes furnished with an extra MIL-SPEC stainless steel spring, two extra stainless steel Torx® screws, and a Wera™ Torx® driver as shown.


The price of this pen in satin finish (as shown) is $750.00 which includes shipping and insurance in the Continental US. The option of a 2-tone version is also available for $800.00.

(Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.)

Please email me if you would like to place an order.

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