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Additional Information


Mine is a one-man shop, and I work in it alone. Every item you see on this website is made by me without the utilization of subcontracted services or computer controlled machinery.


I use small, basic (manually controlled) machinery to create these items. No CNCs or other automatic processes are employed. If you look carefully at some of the more complex items I offer, you'll understand why I enjoy approaching these configurations using old-school techniques. There are limitations to what I can machine, but that hasn't deterred me from developing things that even make owners of CNC machine shops scratch their heads.


I only work in titanium. I use Grade 9 (3AL2.5V) seamless tubing for my canes, "Ti-Tubes", various keychain vials, etc., and Grade 5 (6AL4V) for everything else. I do not use "commercially pure" titanium because the alpha-beta titanium alloys offer superior performance with the type of items I make. I buy the best materials and parts I can find. There is no sense in saving a few pennies on inferior materials when you are striving to make superior quality items. I do not work with aluminum, brass, or any material other than titanium. 


As I stated above, mine is a small one-man shop, so there are limitations to what I can offer. All available options are listed in the description for each item. Various finishing options are listed for most items, and certain items can be made to custom lengths as denoted in the item description.

I don't offer options that would require subcontracting the work to another source.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the extensive research, design time, setup time, and tooling that "one-of-a-kind", custom items usually require, I must limit my offerings to only those shown on this website. Thank you for understanding.


The price shown for every item is based upon materials, machine time, and overhead. Although certain items are made in small batches, nothing is mass produced. Each item is machined and finished one at a time.

Because I sell directly to my customers only, I do not offer "wholesale" or any other type of discounted price schedules which would greatly add to the operating costs of my business. Everybody gets my "best price." I realize that this might be considered unorthodox in today's world, but I've found that most people really appreciate being able to work directly with the person who is actually making the item and not paying some middle man to simply turn over merchandise.


Full payment is required before any order is processed. I've been doing this a long time - and I find this policy is the best for both parties. You have the reassurance of working with an established professional and I have the reassurance that I'm working with genuine customers. I will not start any project without knowing the customer's full name and shipping address.  

I accept USPS money orders and PayPal only. Please indicate which form of payment you prefer in your email and I will provide the remaining information needed to confirm your order. Payment plans are not available.

If you provide your full name and shipping address, I can usually provide you with a quotation for your order within 48 hours. Quotations always include an estimated project ship date. I do my best to make sure you get your item(s) on time and that tracking information is provided to you as soon as your order ships. Orders are always worked in the sequence in which they are received.

USPS Priority Mail is the standard method of shipment. Because mine is a one-man shop, overnight shipments are not offered. 

All sales to Pennsylvania customers are subject to 6% PA sales tax. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extensive time involved in filling out the new Customs Forms, the restrictions on what I am allowed to send, and the substantial increases in shipping costs, I am no longer accepting international orders.

I respectfully retain the right to refuse any order that I feel  could jeopardize the well being of myself, my customers, or anyone else. Since it is impossible for me to know about every law, ordinance, or regulation around the globe, the customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring ownership and/or use of any item or items purchased do not violate any laws in their locality or where they intend to travel with the item(s). 

Persons must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any of the items shown on this website.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 10 days of receiving it, please contact me for a Return Authorization. All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Because these items are custom made, no returns can be accepted after the initial 10 day inspection period.

If you have questions regarding the above policies, or if you require more information an any of the items featured on this website, you can contact me via email using the link found on each item description page.

Please note that I do not work on Sundays. I will do my best to answer any inquiries received on a Sunday within the next few business days.

Thank you!

Tom Anderson