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T-Grip Titanium Cane


The T-Grip Titanium Cane has an ergonomic handle and features the same basic construction format as the Classic Cane - with a few extras.

T-Grip Cane Handle


The T-Grip is machined from solid ø1.00" 6AL4V titanium bar stock and features series of grooves to enhance grip.

Glow-In-The-Dark feature


This design also incorporates two H3 vials in the grip bar so it's easy to find in the dark.

Nylatron® Tip


Like the Classic Cane, the T-Grip Cane features a Nylatron® tip. New versions have a series of grooves machined into the face.



This new cane design features a T-shaped handle, made from solid 1” diameter 6AL4V titanium, with 2 glow inserts implanted in the front of the grip bar. The rear portion of the grip bar has a long band of thin circumferential grooves to provide a secure tactile area. The stem is also made from 1” diameter bar stock, but has been turned down at the juncture of the grip bar for user comfort.

The grip bar and stem are fastened together using a 5/16” fine thread socket head cap screw with Loctite® applied during assembly. The stem is secured to the shaft via a secure press fit. 

A Nylatron® tip is machined from bar stock then press fit into the opposite end of the shaft, along with some Dow Corning 737 silicone sealant inside to provide a water tight seal.

The shaft has bands of circumferential grooves on both ends, but the remainder of its length is simply satin polished. Before installing the Nylatron® tip, the shaft is filled with urethane foam so it doesn’t sound so hollow when something taps against it.

From the top of the grip bar to the end of the Nylatron® tip, this new cane measures about 37” long. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it can easily be used on a daily basis without much effort. Although this head configuration doesn’t have quite the mass of my earlier titanium canes, a few swipes through the air will reassure you that this could definitely be used in self-defense scenarios.

Like my classic titanium cane, the goal was to come up with a design that would be light, strong, and with just the right combination of features to also make it elegant. The glow inserts in the grip are an added bonus - making it easy to locate in the dark. You can choose blue (as shown) or green inserts.

T-Grip Cane Specifications:

Grip bar: ø1.00”, 5 1/4” long, machined from solid 6AL4V titanium bar

Grip stem: machined from ø1.00” solid 6AL4V titanium bar

Shaft: ø1.00” OD x .060” wall 3AL2.5V seamless titanium tubing

Tip: machined from ø1.00” Nylatron®

Overall length: approximately 37"

Weight: 31.8 ounces


The price of the T-Grip Cane as shown is $1,250.00 shipped in the Continental US. Please email me if you prefer a different overall length. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.)

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