Titanium and Carbon fiber cane

Titanium and Carbon Fiber Cane


The Titanium and Carbon Fiber Cane features a more traditional head shape, along with a carbon fiber shaft and Nylatron® tip.

Ti and CF Cane Head


The domed head fo the Titanium and Carbon Fiber Cane is machined from solid ø1.500" 6AL4V titanium bar stock.

More head details


This photo shows the band of three wide grooves on the side of the head and one of the attachment screws that hold the head to the carbon fiber shaft.

Nylatron® Tip


Grooves have been added to the tip, which is machined from solid ø1.00" Nylatron® bar stock.

$800.00 as shown

This new cane features a combination of titanium and carbon fiber to provide a very stylish design that is both strong and light weight.

The head is machined from a solid piece of ø1.50" 6AL4V titanium bar. The low profile design features a gentle dome at the top for comfort and three grooves on the outside diameter to provide extra grip. It is attached to the carbon fiber tube by three polished stainless steel 2-56 Torx® head screws. The custom machined Nylatron® tip is press fit into the bottom of the tube for a sleek appearance.

Instead of using inferior, thin wall "carbon fiber" tubing (some of which has no carbon fiber at all - just a vinyl decal over plastic), this cane uses heavy wall true carbon fiber which has been mandrel wound and fully cured. There is a layer of cello-wrap on the outside of the tube to provide a glossy, classy appearance to the woven twill beneath.

Before installing the Nylatron® tip, the shaft is filled with urethane foam so it doesn’t emit a hollow resonance when something taps against it.

From the top of the head to the end of the Nylatron® tip, this new cane measures about 37 3/4” long. Weighing slighty more than 1 pound, it can easily be used on a daily basis without much effort. The balance point is approximately 13" below the head. Since the head is machined from solid titanium and attached with 3/8" long screws, this would be ideal for self defense scenarios if the need ever arises. 

Please note that this cane can be custom made to the exact length you require. Contact me if you need more information on how to determine the recommended fit of a cane to your body.

Ti and Carbon Fiber Cane Specifications:

Head: ø1.50”, 2 3/4” long, machined from solid 6AL4V titanium bar stock

Shaft: ø1.00” OD x .125” wall mandrel wrapped and fully autoclave cured carbon fiber

Tip: machined from ø1.00” Nylatron®

Screws: 2-56 x .375" stainless steel button head Torx®

Overall length: 37.75” (See note above)

Weight: 18.2 ounces


The price of this Titanium and Carbon Fiber Cane is $800.00 plus applicable shipping and insurance. Please email me if you prefer a different overall length. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.

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