Ti-Keychain Vials

$130.00, $175.00, and $380.00

These keychain vials are all made from titanium and each one features a set of O-Rings to provide a heretic seal.

The smallest is only ø1/2" x 2" long, the medium size is ø3/4" x 3 1/8" long, and the largest (with a H# vial in the cap) is ø1" x 3 3/8" long.

Each comes with a heavy duty stainless steel split ring and an extra set of O-Rings.

Please specify if you want a blue or a green insert when ordering the Large size vial. (H3 available only on the largest size.)

The prices are $130.00 for the smallest size, $175.00 for the middle size, and $380.00 for the largest size, shipped to a US destination. (Sorry, I cannot accept foreign orders.)

Just email me with your request:

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