Titanium Battle Mace (full size)

Overall view


This is the overall view of my full size Titanium Battle Mace. just like original medieval weaponry, the overall length is 27 1/4" and it weighs 6.9 pounds.

Angled view


A closer view of the head details. 

More head details


Details on the side and back of the head.

Spike details


Close-up of the spikes.


View of the finial details. Like the War Hammer, this has a H3 vial near the end of the spike.

Like the full-size Titanium War Hammer, this has a H3 vial near the end of the finial spike.

Ordering information:

"Ti-Maces" are some of the most impressive items you'll see coming from my shop. These are functional, full scale interpretations of medieval Battle Maces - only using modern materials and my own special design features.

The example shown here was fabricated from solid 6AL4V titanium bar stock (head, shaft, spikes, and finial).  It is the largest, most detailed mace I have ever built.

Titanium Battle Mace Specifications:

Head: 3” diameter x 2 1/2” long, 6AL4V titanium

Shaft: 1” diameter 6AL4V titanium with 1 1/2” diameter 6AL4V titanium finial

Spikes: 1” diameter x 4 1/2” long 6AL4V titanium 

Spike spread: 11 3/4”

Fasteners: 5/16-24 threads-per-inch 18-8 stainless steel

Overall length: 27 1/4”

Weight: 6.9 pounds

This particular piece is no longer available. A similar piece would be $4,250.00 + shipping and insurance. Sorry, no foreign orders can be accepted.


Like my Titanium War Hammers, these Titanium Battle Maces are very special items that I don't regularly stock.  Because they are so coveted by collectors, each one is made slightly different from any other. Email me if you would like to place an order for this piece.

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