This impressive Cigar Ashtray is machined from a solid piece of ø5 3/8" diameter 6AL4V titanium with a starting weight of over 7 1/4 pounds.

It features 4 grooves in the top that are approximately 1 inch long so you can rest your cigar without worrying about it tipping over. The center ash pocket is an ample 1 1/2" deep.

A band of eight grooves are machined on the outer diameter. These not only look great but give you a bit of gripping surface when moving the ashtray around.

The bottom edge has a radius and three rubber feet have been attached to the bottom surface to prevent scratching your furniture.

All of the metal surfaces have a polished satin finish.

With a resulting weight of over 5 1/2 pounds, you'll have a very stable smoking accessory that won't be blown away by a moderate breeze.

Like everything on this website, absolutely no compromises were made in this design or its construction. This ashtray should last a lifetime!

Please note: Because of the substantial material cost and extensive machining and finishing time, this item has a very limited availability. 

Availability and Pricing

This item is priced at $895.00 + actual shipping charges and it is only available to be shipped to a US destination.

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